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A love of cars runs deep through my family.  We're rooted in Detroit, home to America’s auto industry, and I am the only cousin born and raised in Upstate, New York.  Growing up, my mom was an auto mechanic at Sears and I would hang out by the shop after school.  Spending most summers in Michigan, car culture was a huge part of life. My aunt sewed seats in the Ford Chesterfield plant and my grandpa drove Mustangs.  His yellow one was stolen out of the driveway and his Fox Body became my first car when I turned sixteen.

Photography brought me to Los Angeles in 2010.  Working in Set Design, I moved around the city quite a bit until I landed a job in advertising.  I learned the craft of print production and settled down in the Crenshaw-Slauson area.  I was immediately struck by the quiet beauty of South Los Angeles.  There’s a timeless feeling.  A lot of old cars on quiet streets.  Amidst the chaos, it's peaceful.   

S/LA Print was born out of this feeling.  Exploring will always be a passion of mine.  I never know what I’ll see when I get out into the street. Cars bring out something special in us.  I hope you enjoy what you find here.  

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